Our Manifesto

The world is changing, and so are software paradigms.

On one hand, the extraordinary growth of the Internet over the last years is putting our architectures under high pressure and that has created the need for tools and technologies that help us manage that complexity - Docker,Kubernetes, Serverless, and so on have been part of the solution, to name a few. On the other hand, people are becoming increasingly aware of their privacy and there's a pull towards a more decentralized web that's less friendly to those who might be tempted to use it for their own good. Blockchains or other technologies like IPFS and Dat are the heat of the day, but they've yet to gain attention from the general user market.

At the same time, browsers have become more powerful than ever. Frameworks of all flavors are flourishing while we see more and more Web APIs such as Web Payment Request or Hardware interaction being implemented and drafted, marking a clear path into the future. With the imminent adoption of Service Workers and Progressive Web App capabilities by all the major desktop & mobile browsers, the web has the potential to become a replacement to the native app markets.

We, as developers, are trying to navigate these waters and keep a look into the future while trying to keep our own ships afloat. Currents change fast and we have to be prepared.

One thing is clear: Bring Back the Web, and it's about time!

Core values

  1. 01No commercial or sponsored talks

    Our speakers are chosen by their skills, not their companies.

  2. 02Personal care to speakers

    We make sure they feel taken care of and give the best of themselves on stage: airport pickup, 4-star hotel, expenses covered.

  3. 03Curated list of best speakers worldwide

    We spend a lot of time choosing not only the best speakers, but also the best balance.

  4. 04We record all talks and publish them for free

    Why keep it just to ourselves?

  5. 05Reasonably priced tickets

    Access to high-quality, top-notch talks shouldn’t be just for big corporations; we don’t want money to be the reason not to attend.

  6. 06Great atmosphere & attention to detail

    A great environment that helps you focus in what’s important is paramount to guarantee a great learning experience.

  7. 07Code of conduct

    We ensure everyone gets treated with respect. Check our Code of Conduct.

  8. 08We listen to feedback

    We’ve kept improving over the years thanks to the incredibly valuable suggestions from everyone involved.

  9. 09Blind CFP selection

    We have a multi-phase, blind speaker selection that ensures we get the most diversity by looking at the content and delivery, not who’s behind it.

  10. 10Lightning talks

    Getting new people on the stage is paramount to keep the conference ecosystem in shape. We have a reserved slot where anyone can jump in and speak their mind.

  11. 11Amazing and comfortable venue with an auditorium

    No one wants to spend two days sitting all that in a cheap plastic chair!

  12. 12Single track

    Multi-track conferences are a double- edge sword. While they seem to provide more variety, they present too many choices that can end up being frustrating. We want our attendees not to worry about anything and share a common experience they can further discuss at the halls or in the parties. It also forces us to ensure every single talk is amazing.