Who's Speaking

Zack Argyle

A Real World PWA
Engineering 3.5 years @PinterestEng. Happy husband, proud dad, terrible DM. From Seattle, in SF. 'Men are that they might have joy.' Prev @playstation.

Reginald Braithwaite

Master of ceremonies
@pagerduty, formerly @github, @unspace, and many others too numerous to fit in a tweet.

Timothy Clifford

Purifying Typescript
Software engineer living in Berlin interested in programming languages, automation and learning new things. Prefers dogs to cats.

Krystian Czesak

Killing the checkout or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Payment Request
Payments Lead @ Shopify. Nostalgic multimedia enthusiast. Amateur photographer and 3d modeller. Occasional professional drone crasher.

Kalyan Dikshit

Open Gateway - Decentralized IoT
Co-founder of “Duck Duck Go Hyderabad Chapter“. Developer by Day, Hacker by Night.

Tom Enden

Software Engineering - A philosophical activity
Fascinated with humans, software design and the relationship between them.

Diego González

WebXR, if X = how?
Stereoparallaxer and Developer Advocate @ Samsung. Currently a @SamsungInternet advocate.

Patrick Hamann

To push, or not to push?! - The future of HTTP/2 server push
Measuring and moving bits. Web Performance Engineer @ Fastly.

Michael Hamrah

HTTP and JSON for your gRPC Services
Software engineer living in Brooklyn, NY specializing in scalable, distributed systems for the web. 'Amazing is an understatement.'

Beth Haubert

Cats, The Musical! Algorithmic Song Meow-ification
Sci-fi junky, art collector, cat enthusiast. Fluent in Mandarin. Web developer.

Serg Hospodarets

Native JavaScript modules- import {Browsers, NodeJs}; export {production};
Senior Engineering Manager, speaker, and JavaScript. CSS enthusiast.

Sia Karamalegos

The Future of Front-End Performance
Web and app developer, speaker, teacher, founder, dog owner, and New Orleanian. Recognized in the Silicon Bayou 100.

David Khourshid

State of the Art Web User Interfaces with State Machines
Pianist and Web Developer, with a passion for CSS and JavaScript. VS Live Share team @Microsoft. 1/2 of @keyframers 🎥

Indira Knight

WebXR, if X = how?
Creative technologist and developer. Involved in the development community. Her book: 'Connecting Arduino to the web'.

Rae Krantz

A Game of Theories: Why languages do what they do
Software Developer at Tallwave. PyOhio organizer.

Andrew Louis

Building a Modern Memex
Building a memex. Other projects: biking every street in Toronto, photographing doors / Previously: @CUSEC; co-founder @Shoplocket↝ @PCH_Intl

Charity Majors

Observability for Emerging Infra: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Engineer/CEO at @honeycombio, prev Parse/Facebook; coauthor of Database Reliability Engineering; loves whiskey, rainbows, and complex systems, hates monitoring.

LeRenzo Malcom

Unity + HTML5 = Isomorphic Game Engine?
Software engineer working in Quantum Viz, specializing in big data viz for applications with massive amounts of data.

Luca Marchesini

Master of ceremonies
Full Stack Web Engineer @kuzzleio and Folktales Storyteller working in theaters, libraries, bookstores and schools. Traveler and Parmesan cheese dealer.

Mauricio Palma

Accessibility vs latest Web APIs. Can’t we just get along?
UI developer at @sinnerschrader. Co-founder at Woodlike Ocean.

Horea Porutiu

Build and deploy a Blockchain web-app with Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer
Developer Advocate for IBM, promoting IBM’s Platform-As-A-Service Bluemix. Tennis coach. Tech addict. Millenial. Speculative investor. Cryptocurrency nut.

Silvia Puglisi

Onion adventures: how to use onion services and the Tor network in your web endeavors
Software Engineer, working at torproject.org and part of Information Security Group in the Department of Telematics Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Suby Raman

The Web Authentication API - Imagine a World Without Passwords
Composer - programmer - generative artist. Working for Duo Security. Questing to make Great Art with data generated from his cat.

Sasha Romijn

Everything I always wanted to know about crypto, but never thought I'd understand
Developer, public speaker, inclusivity advocate and community organiser. Python dev, public speaker (empathy, well-being, inclusivity, CoCs), inclusivity advocate & organiser.

Bernd Rücker

Lost in transaction? Strategies to deal with (in-)consistency in distributed systems
(Work-)flow automation enthusiast. Developer advocate & co-founder of http://camunda.com.

Prabh Simran Singh Baweja

The Future of ChatBots in the Travel Industry
Software Developer at Booking.com, working on cutting-edge technologies in the ChatBot team.

Adam L Smith

Avoiding Digital Bias
Senior tech professional with a focus on software testing/quality and applied AI technologies. One part executive, one part entrepreneur and one part geek.

André Staltz

Reinvent the social web
Open Source hacker. Creator of CycleJS. Teacher of reactive programming with RxJS.

Miriam Suzanne

Dynamic CSS: Layouts & Beyond
Web developer, writer, and artist — collaborating across media to create experiences that bring people together.

Matt Turner

Do you need a Service Mesh?
Kubernetes/Istio solutions engineer at @JetStackHQ. Organiser of @istiolondon. His idea of “full-stack” is POSIX, Kubernetes, and now Istio.

Tara Vancil

Building peer-to-peer apps with the Beaker Browser
Beaker Browser co-creator. All things peer-to-peer Web and decentralization

Jeremy Wagner

Take a (Client) Hint!
Developer. Author. Speaker. #webperf advocate. Vacillates between personal, political, and tech tweets. Always learning. Never an expert.

Susanna Wong

A Front-end dev's hobbyist approach into Machine Learning
Systems Engineer turned (building)Architect turned developer. Javascript, node.js, React, Angular, 3D programming and London.