André Staltz

Open Source hacker. Creator of CycleJS. Teacher of reactive programming with RxJS.

Reinvent the social web

The times we live in have made it necessary to disrupt mainstream social networks. In this talk, Andre will present Scuttlebutt, a decentralized social network protocol from the Node.js hacker community. We will see how it works from a programmer's perspective, and specially how to build social apps using it. With fully offline browsing, new types of interactions, cryptographic authenticity, and data ownership, several opportunities for innovation are unlocked.

About André

Andre is best known for teaching reactive programming with RxJS, creating the frontend framework Cycle.js, and speaking at JavaScript conferences. Many years ago, though, he was a little-known developer working on a few peer-to-peer social platforms. Having recently discovered Secure Scuttlebutt, a social network protocol from the Node.js hacker community, he joined their efforts to help build the much-needed positive future of social media.