Andrew Louis

Building a memex. Other projects: biking every street in Toronto, photographing doors / Previously: @CUSEC; co-founder @Shoplocket↝ @PCH_Intl

Building a Modern Memex

The Memex was proposed in 1945 as the ultimate organizational tool. The desk-sized device would store a user’s personal library and allow for information to be searched, organized, connected together with hyperlinks, and shared.

Without a device like this, its creator suggested, our species would drown in information overload and come to a premature end.

Tragically, zero of these devices were ever produced, but 72 years later, Andrew has built a Memex in JavaScript. He's built importers for dozens of different sources of personal data and data consumptions and put it all behind a graph-based API.

He’ll be going over the history of the Memex and demoing his own version by showing what type of queries, organizing tools, and visualization are available.

About Andrew

Andrew Louis is a software developer from Toronto, Canada. After learning about the Memex and finding out that it was never built in 1945, he decided to try to build one. Previously, he was the co-founder and CTO of ShopLocket, an ecommerce startup acquired in 2014.